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6 of the best matches for fish and chips
14 HRS AGO - Now that fish and chips can found in every posh fish restaurant, wine has become as popular a Expand
Top food matches for cider
1 DAY AGO - Cider seems to be on the verge of going through the same quality revolution as beer did a few Expand Gyros & Loukoumades For The Win
7 DAYS AGO - "Gyro, pronounced “GAEE-ro” in English and “GHEE-ro” in Greek comes from the Greek word Expand
The best wine and beer pairings for mussels/moules
18/03/2017 - Just as with every other ingredient the ideal pairing for mussels depends how you cook them, Expand
Which wines pair best with pork?
16/03/2017 - I always think it’s misleading to describe pork as a ‘white meat’. Strictly that's accurate, I Expand
Wine and lamb: my 5 favourite pairings
15/03/2017 - It’s tough to say what the best wine matches for lamb are - it’s served so many different ways and Expand
Rant: Local Food/Drink Bloggers, Step Up Your Game!
13/03/2017 - Local food & drink bloggers, listen up and carefully consider my words. I'm challenging you to Expand
Boston Wine Expo: Wines of Georgia (Part 3)
09/03/2017 - “That was the end of life, but the qvevri is the beginning of life for wine,” he continued. “It is Expand
Boston Wine Expo: Wines of Georgia (Part 2)
08/03/2017 - "They clung to their ghvino (wine) with such a passion you’d think it was their blood."For the Expand
Primizie Thick Cut Crispbreads: Healthy & Tasty Snacks
1 DAY AGO - As I mentioned in my prior post, Boston Wine Expo: Food Finds, I enjoyed the Primizie Expand
Rant: Two Restaurant Reviews, One Failure
2 DAYS AGO - Two reviews, in different local periodicals, of the same new restaurant. Both written by Expand
Travel Tuesday: Heritage House Resort on the Mendocino Coast
21/03/2017 - Where has March gone?! Blogging and reading blogs has taken a back seat to working and travel, and Expand
Wine, Food & Travel Blog
Shared by Travel, Eat, Love
Mezcal Amarás Cupreata Joven: An Intriguing Mezcal From a Rare Agave
17/03/2017 - “Mescal is a Mexican spirit, strong and pungent, and is made from the milk of the Maguey plant or Expand
Thursday Sips & Nibbles
16/03/2017 - I am back again with a new edition of Thursday Sips & Nibbles, my regular column where I Expand
Sake Consumption & Export News
14/03/2017 - Wine consumption in Japan has risen an average of 4.5% each year for the past six years, and women Expand
Wine Travel Stories Transitions to Version 2.0
11/03/2017 - After eight wonderful years of posting wine travel stories on this site, I have decided to Expand
Thursday Sips & Nibbles
09/03/2017 - I am back again with a new edition of Thursday Sips & Nibbles, my regular column where I Expand
Ugh! More Stinkin' Scores For Sake From Wine Advocate
08/03/2017 - "Sake is this kind of product that once you begin to understand it more, the more passion you have Expand
Sonoma Wine dinner with Bin Ends and The Townshend
1 DAY AGO - If you live in the Boston area, you probably know about Bin Ends Wine, discount wine stores in Expand
Wine, Food & Travel Blog
Shared by Travel, Eat, Love
Thursday Sips & Nibbles
6 DAYS AGO - I am back again with a new edition of Thursday Sips & Nibbles, my regular column where I Expand
Rant: Another Reminder--Eat More Seafood!
20/03/2017 - Eat More Seafood! Eat More Seafood! Eat More Seafood! Eat More Seafood! Eat More Expand
Which wines to drink on St Patrick's Day
17/03/2017 - It’s hard to avoid the obvious on St Paddy’s Day. Guinness, Bailey’s and Irish whiskey are the Expand
Chopps American Bar & Grill: New Chef, Same Excellent Food
15/03/2017 - Burlington has seen a boom in restaurants, with new places opening all the time, and with even Expand
Wine and steak pairing tips. 5 things you need to know about matching steak with wine
14/03/2017 - Steak is the ideal foil for a good red but is there a perfect match? You could simply say the one Expand
Ikalto Academy in Georgia: The Oldest Winemaking School
10/03/2017 - "God, you see, was divvying up the land to the people of the world, but the Georgians were too Expand
4 good wines to pair with fish pie
09/03/2017 - Whether it's topped with mashed potato or pastry fish pie is a relatively straightforward dish to Expand

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The Cambridge Wine Blogger


Olivier Dauga's Bordeaux and Ukraine Tasting

A tasting of Olivier Dauga's wines from Bordeaux and Ukaine What do

Loeb 2015 Rhône Primeurs

Loeb's 2015 Rhône Primeur tastingThe overall impression of the 2015

Two Spring Aromatics

Two aromatic wines for spring - Robert Oatley and Jean-Luc

Grand Cercle Primeurs 2017

The Grand Cercle Primeurs 2017 tasting of wines from 2016 If you

Ballerina - Chateau Brown Rosé

An elegant pink from Chateau Brown Fly it, sigh it, try it ...Step

Wild Fruits, Wild Flowers - Abbotts & Delaunay

Two wines from Languedoc-based Abbotts & Delaunay available at

Chateau Lascombes Tasting - New and Old

A tasting of Bordeaux second growth, Chateau Lascombes at Les 110

Two Family-Owned Wines

A CVNE Rioja and a Western Australian Cab from Robert OatleyOpening

Vinita UK Launch

The UK launch of Vinita, a network of five wineries from all over

Nemiroff Honey Pepper Vodka

A flavoured vodka from Ukrainian producer NemiroffI drank a lot of

Annual Austrian Tasting 2016

Annual Austrian Tasting 2016When a tasting starts with a country's

Wines of Tejo, Portugal

Tejo wines with Sarah Abbott at 67 Pall Mall When it comes to

KrimSekt Brut 2009 - Ukraine

A traditional-method Ukrainian fizz from ArtwineryBased in Bakhmut

Koshu of Japan - and other varieties

A tasting of Koshu of Japan It is rare to encounter a completely

Jasoun Vieilli en Fut de Chêne, 2014 – Côtes du Rhône Villages

An oaked Rhone, bought locallyThe last bottle brought back from a

Kopke 10 Year Old Tawny Port

A wood-aged tawny port from KopkeTasted blind, you would be

An Epic Lunch In Pictures - Part Deux

Lunch at Carré des Feuillants in Paris, courtesy of Marques et

Win A Bottle of Fizz For Valentine's

Win a bottle of fizz from Chateau Thieuley for Valentine'sI

Four Beaujolais Wines From Agamy

Four Beaujolais wines from Agamy, available via EnotriaAfter

Chateau Lanessan 2003, Haut-Medoc

A mature Medoc received as a gift from a friend / colleagueFully

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