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What is Malolactic Fermentation? The Buttery Taste in Wine
23 HRS AGO - Ever wondered why some wines have a creamy or buttery taste? The process of Malolactic Expand
5 Reasons Why Great Wine Starts with Geography
7 DAYS AGO - When it comes to how geography influences wine, there’s no one rule that guarantees great wine, Expand
18 Washington Wines to Freak Out About
08/02/2017 - Washington is still very much a frontier of winemaking on the West coast, Here's what's worth Expand
Central Coast Wine: The Varieties, Regions, and More
01/02/2017 - Central Coast is a large encompassing American Viticultural Area (AVA) that extends from the south Expand
Chinese New Year 2017
26/01/2017 - On 28 January, Chinese all over the world will say goodbye to the Year of the Monkey and welcome Expand
Pairing Bold Red Wines With Vegetarian (or Vegan) Food
20/01/2017 - How to pair bold red wines like Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Nebbiolo with vegan or vegetarian Expand
How One Red Grape Can Make Red, Rosé and White Wine
13/01/2017 - Learn how different winemaking methods make different styles of wines, all with one grape: Pinot Expand
An Interview with Athena Bochanis, Wine Importer
09/01/2017 - Ever wondered what it's like to start a wine importing business? Athena Bochanis started her wine Expand
An Interview with Luke Wohlers, Distributor / Importer
09/01/2017 - Ever wondered what it's like to start your own import/distribution business? Luke Wohlers started Expand
How To Start A Wine Collection
4 DAYS AGO - There is a big different between buying wine and collecting wine. Buying wine is a somewhat Expand
Wine and Chocolate Pairings Tested (Video)
10/02/2017 - Join sommelier, Madeline Puckette, as she attempts to make one of the most challenging wine Expand
What Wines To Pair With Chocolate?
06/02/2017 - Wine and chocolate have a lot of similarities to each other. For one, they’re both considered Expand
Winemaker’s Red Wine Secret: Extended Maceration
30/01/2017 - Extended maceration is a red wine technique that you're likely to hear about more in coming years. Expand
Understanding Napa Cabernet
25/01/2017 - By learning more about Napa's great Cabernet wines, we can better understand what defines quality Expand
8 Wine Trends to Watch For in 2017
18/01/2017 - How are our behaviors as wine drinkers shaping the future of wine? To answer this question, we Expand
The Secret to Tasting Like A Master Somm: “Impact Compounds”
11/01/2017 - Despite what you may have heard, it doesn’t matter if you’re a super taster or not, almost Expand
An Interview with Carl Villeneuve Lepage, Sommelier
09/01/2017 - Ever wondered what it's like to become a sommelier? Carl Villeneuve Lepage is a young sommelier Expand
An Interview with André Mack of Mouton Noir
09/01/2017 - Ever wondered what it's like to create a wine brand? André Hueston Mack is the wine maker Expand
How To Tell If A Wine Is Age-Worthy
6 DAYS AGO - How do you tell if a wine will improve with age? Oddly enough, just spending more money on a Expand
12 Wines That Say “I Love You”
10/02/2017 - If there’s one thing you absolutely can’t blame for date gone bad, it’s the wine. Here are a few Expand
Ice Wine, You’re So Fine
03/02/2017 - Welcome to the wonderful world of ice wine, one of the sweetest mistakes nature has ever made. Expand
Burger and Wine Pairings Done Right
27/01/2017 - Yes you can pair wine with burgers. Here are recommendations and tips on how to pair wines with Expand
Beyond Napa: The Lessor Known North Coast Wine Regions
23/01/2017 - Get to know two great alternatives to Napa and Sonoma that are right next door. Mendocino and Lake Expand
2017 Wine Buying Guide
16/01/2017 - This year's wine guide will come in handy whether you're just getting into wine or are a seasoned Expand
What It’s Like To Work in Wine: 5 Stories
09/01/2017 - We interviewed 5 people on in the wine trade to find out what it's like and what it takes to get Expand
An Interview with Esther Mobley, Wine Writer
09/01/2017 - Ever wondered what it's like to become a wine writer? Esther Mobley is a up-and-coming wine Expand

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The Cambridge Wine Blogger


Annual Austrian Tasting 2016

Annual Austrian Tasting 2016When a tasting starts with a country's

Wines of Tejo, Portugal

Tejo wines with Sarah Abbott at 67 Pall Mall When it comes to

KrimSekt Brut 2009 - Ukraine

A traditional-method Ukrainian fizz from ArtwineryBased in Bakhmut

Koshu of Japan - and other varieties

A tasting of Koshu of Japan It is rare to encounter a completely

Jasoun Vieilli en Fut de Chêne, 2014 – Côtes du Rhône Villages

An oaked Rhone, bought locallyThe last bottle brought back from a

Kopke 10 Year Old Tawny Port

A wood-aged tawny port from KopkeTasted blind, you would be

An Epic Lunch In Pictures - Part Deux

Lunch at Carré des Feuillants in Paris, courtesy of Marques et

Win A Bottle of Fizz For Valentine's

Win a bottle of fizz from Chateau Thieuley for Valentine'sI

Four Beaujolais Wines From Agamy

Four Beaujolais wines from Agamy, available via EnotriaAfter

Chateau Lanessan 2003, Haut-Medoc

A mature Medoc received as a gift from a friend / colleagueFully

Crémant de Thieuley - fizz from Bordeaux

Crémant de Thieuley - fizz from BordeauxBordeaux is not best known

Brouilly, Louis Tête - Agamy

Brouilly, Louis Tête - from Agamy, available via EnotriaMore fruity

Denbies Noble Harvest - An English Sticky

An English dessert wines from Denbies English wine's success story

Out Of Africa - Two KWV Wines

Two KWV wines for an African-themed tastingI have said before that

Costly Signalling - The Peacock Effect

Why evolution drives us to choose an expensively packaged wineOver

Two Denbies Wines

Two summery wines from DenbiesWith its cool climate, England's

Marques Et Co-op - Part Deux

A follow up to the Marques et Co-op tasting in LondonWith a free

Washington State Wine Chistmas Tasting with Circle of Wine Writers

 A tasting of Washington State Wines with Circle of Wine

Chablis and Rioja - The Re-match

Pairing a Chablis from Laithwaites and a CVNE Rioja. AgainJust to

Three Christmas Wines - Sensible, Classy, Funky

Three wines to keep in stock for ChristmasYou never quite know what

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